Frost bitten

Last Monday I dragged my body out of bed at an ungodly 7am - no, that's not early for most, but I am not an early riser! - and drove the 16km to Doolough for the sunrise.
While at home in Louisburgh we had clear and calm conditions where I even had to defrost my car's windows, the weather in the Doolough valley was completely different. No frost, but a biting strong wind from the south directly into my face and the lens. I took a series of photos over a duration of about an hour and although I wasn't touching the tripod, the wind shook the camera wildly in between the shots.

Luckily the individual images were shake free and sharp.
Just before sunrise the wind shifted to a more westerly direction and managed to blow the clouds over the whole valley just to completely block out the sun :/

So here's a photo of the dawn, about 30 minutes before sunrise. The purple hue is not from Photoshop, but reality.

a selfie of a frozen me. Wind chill factor sub zero!

a selfie of a frozen me. Wind chill factor sub zero!