Dún Briste at sunset

It's been - and still is - a very busy summer season in the gallery, which has prevented me from going out and create new photos. Finally, yesterday I managed to bring the dog and the camera out for a long photo walk/drive along Mayo's north coast. We started at Broadhaven and ended up at Downpatrick Head where the setting sun put a nice glow onto Dún Briste. Although it was very windy with gusts of over 80km/h, which were able to shake not just my tripod but also myself quite a bit. Still, between those gusts I managed to get a few good shots.

This is a panorama shot, stitched together from 9 vertical images, resulting in a very high resolution file, that can easily be printed in 3 x 1 meters without loosing any quality.

Downpatrick Head pano 08-08-17.jpg